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What We Do

What We Do

Blue Mountain Resort's philosophy in the day to day running of a resort is simple:  "hands on hospitality".  Both corporate and hotel staff maintain intimate knowledge of each property, the local community it serves, and the individual needs of the resort's clientele, by making more frequent visits and communication on a regular basis.  Reports are generated on a daily and weekly basis and the team keeps on top of hospitality trends and development.  Our key disciplines are:



  • Financial statement and balance sheet production and analysis
  • Accounts receivable oversight and accounts payable processing
  • Assessments, Billings and Collections
  • Payroll administration
  • Cash management
  • Capital expenditures budget
  • We implement cost controls and cost saving techniques to ensure the resort is operating at an optimum level while maintaining service levels
  • We provide thorough monthly financial reports to report our progress
  • Purchasing and procurement methods are put in place to prevent shrinkage and losses and secure the best prices


  • We are also timeshare owners and live and breathe the concept of "pride of ownership".  We know that happy owners are dues paying owners.  We know that we have to deliver a fantastic owner experience to ensure they continue to pay their maintenance fees. 


  • Our goal is to get to know each and every owner and become familiar with their preferences to help them plan memorable vacations year after year. 
  • Our team implements owner education series to equip our owners with the knowledge to maximize their timeshare. 


  • Having unsold weeks burdens the association.  We develop in house resales programs to get the inventory back out to new owners that are paying their dues. 


  • PROFITABILITY:  We achieve higher revenues and lower costs through prudent management and creativity. 
  • Close supervision and guidance of the resort management team. 
  • Regular quality assurance inspections by the VP of Hospitalty Operations.  The resort business is a 24/7/365 day operation and we carefully monitor the resort to measure the consistency of hospitality as well as the operation of the business systems and procedures.  We work to ensure the resort is producing a superior guest experience and optimal profits.  
  • Owner and Guest Serveys:  The surveys evaluate the key hotel experience drivers.  Staff is given immediate feedback from these surveys to enable management to quickly evaluate and rectify any problems or deficiencies.  
  • Maintenance programs that focus on preventative and predictive care.  
  • Safety and security audits performed.  


  • We manage the 30 year resort reserve study to ensure funding is in place so that the resort can carry out timely repairs and replacements of their assets. 
  • We work towards a solid revenue generating and funding plan so that our resorts do not have to resort to special assessments. 


  • We monitor maintenance fee collections and offset any shortfalls with revenue generating programs such as:
    • Rental Programs.  We have an award winning team that knows how to distribute your resort's inventory to today's traveler. 
    • Owner Services Programs.  We work with each resort to develop new services and benefits that owners can take advantage of to enhance their timeshare.  These services add to what they already own and generate incremental revenue for the resort. 


  • We believe that an engaged team delivers exceptional services.  We train and equip our employees to ensure they can succesfully perform their duties.