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When first hired, Park Plaza was performing poorly at the bottom line due to a weak collections program and high uncollectable balance.  Service levels were low and the owners were disgruntled.  The resort looked dated and was in need of a renovation. 

The Blue Mountain Resorts management team recognized they had to maniacly improve collections, generate more revenue, and re-engage the owner base.  By rolling up their sleeves and their hands on approach to the day to day operations the team was able to turn around the resort.  Below is a summary of their successes. 

  • Launched a 1.3 million dollar refurbishment financed over three years at zero percent interest.   This was a significant savings to the resort who were presented with bids upwards of 2 million prior to Blue Mountain Resorts taking over. 
  • Decreased delinquency rate down to 6%. 
  • Maintained a healthy reserve balance and avoided special assessments.
  • Implemented cost controls which saved 10% from the previous year. 
  • Increased service levels by bringing the call center, accounting, billing, and purchasing in house. 
  • Implemented intensive training programs for the staff.  We encouraged and empowered the employees to be mindful of new and better ways to perform their duties which resulted in bottom line results. 
  • Launched an in house resales program.
  • Increased the revenue generated by the rental program by 10%. 
  • Repositioned the resort to be a boutique resort.
  • Increased owner and guest satisfaction through more personalized programs and amenities at the resort.


Owners at the Park Plaza Resort have maximum flexibility through the exchange options offered through Blue Mountain Resorts.  Our inventory is live and searchable and any given time.  Can't find what you're looking for, start a wait list request with the Owner Experience Department. 

Membership fees are not required and the exchange fee is as low as $189 for the week. 

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